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About Us

Our aim is to provide products that can help change the way you do things. Upon investigation of sanitisation methods, it became clear that the most effective method of covering surfaces was through micro-fogging. Used by Governments and commercial settings, this method allows larger coverage and deeper penetration into skin and surfaces, making the application more effective.

In the past, micro-fogging has only been available on a corporate scale. We believed that this should be accessible to everyone, as it could make positive changes to people’s sanitisation and protection. This led to the creation of a new bespoke handheld device that people could easily use to sanitise items that they used in everyday life. We also wanted to create a clear brand that people would relate to and feel happy to use in a public place. Creating a company and community people can trust.

We also wanted to ensure that any sanitisation product used was chemical free and eco-friendly, meaning no harm was caused to the environment.

In the latter part of the year 2020, the FogPod™ team quickly realised that there were endless possibilities and solutions that could be applied to the FogPod™ device. FogPod™ are only at the start of what is already a very exciting and interesting journey through innovation. After initially focusing on the priority of sanitisation, the FogPod™ team are now working closely with established manufacturers and retailers to introduce new products and ranges in the coming months. 

Our collection of solutions and devices is continuously growing, and our influence is allowing us to create better and more effective products. We now offer solutions that leave lasting barriers that protect when sanitising, including 24 Hour hand barriers and up to 30 Days surface barriers. Our devises are becoming more innovative and with our PRO models, are able to sanitise larger areas quicker and more effectively.

We are overwhelmed by the positive response we have received to date and the reinforcement that our product is a fantastic and unique idea. We hope that people will like some of the additional ranges we have introduced with many more to come. There is no doubt that the world has changed significantly in the year 2020, but change can also be good.

Our mission is to help every household and business become safer and more protected through the use of environmentally friendly methods.

We welcome you to join us on this journey and change the way that you do things with FogPod™.


We aim to provide the best experience for our customers and believe that getting the most for your money is a major factor in this. The quality of our products is industry changing, without breaking the bank.

Family Safe

A major factor when designing our products and creating our solutions was to make sure that they are easy and safe to use. Meaning that they can be used by anyone, without the risk of causing harm.

Environmentally Friendly

Here at FogPod™ we care about the environment. Because of this we are constantly looking at more environmentally friendly methods of doing things. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our sustainability journey.

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