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FogPod™ Mini Starter Pack (BLACK) - FogPod™

Classic - Black

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Classic - White

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About FogPod's


Easily portable devices that can be taken anywhere. The possibilities are endless. USB rechargeable with lasting battery life that will easily see the most demanding person and situations through the day.


Designed to be both universal and adaptable, you can easily switch fog solutions to meet your different needs within seconds. All FogPod™ solutions have been made with care to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. Whether you wish to sanitise, self-tan or care for your skin, FogPod™ has you covered. Simply rinse and refill to change your fog and you are ready to go again.

Easy To Use

A streamlined and tested design to make use as easy as possible. Simply select your desired fog, refill the FogPod™ and power up. Then disperse your fog onto your chosen area and witness amazing results.