What's a FogPod™

FogPods are new and innovative devices that disperse micro water particles in the form of fog, that are smaller than the pores of your skin. This process is achieved by fluid atomisation in our unique FogPods. The result is a fog that is capable of penetrating the skin deeper and more effectively than traditional sprays. By using specialist micro solution dispersal, we have combined creativity with practicality to give you the most efficient method of conducting everyday tasks.

FogPods are portable fogging devices. Adapted to meet your needs. Simply fill with your chosen solution and get fogging.

From sanitisation and skincare to doggy fragrances, FogPod™ have you covered. We offer both portable and stationary FogPods™, including the FogPod™ Motion, the FogPod™ Mini and the FogPod™ Gold.