FogPod® PRO MAX + Liquid Bundle

FogPod® PRO MAX + Liquid Bundle

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The most affordable medium scale electrostatic fogging machine on the market + sanitisation liquid of your choice.

The FogPod™ PRO MAX uses electrostatic technology that makes the chosen solution bond to surfaces easier and more effectively.

By giving the solution a positive charge, the fog from the PRO MAX is then drawn to surfaces due to their negative charge. This creates a stronger level of coverage and allows the solution to reach areas potentially missed by standard fogging. The positive-negative charge causes the solution to mould round surfaces giving it better coverage. 

Technical Data

  • Electrostatic Charge - With 7000V electrostatic voltage
  • PRO MAX delivers a 360° coverage on all surfaces through electrostatic attraction.
  • 4.0 Ah Lithium Battery - Cordless disinfectant fogger allows you to move without restriction.
  • Device requires 1.5 hours for basic charge and 5-6 hours to fully charge.
  • 650 ML Tank - 3.9 LBS fuselage.
  • 21.9 Oz Tank - Per single tank of fluid allows you to spray on up to 2500 square feet and the range distance is reach to 8-9.8ft.