FogPod™ PURE Sanitisation Bundle (2x 120ml)

FogPod™ PURE Sanitisation Bundle (2x 120ml)

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A Pod and Pack bundle to change the way you sanitise (FogPod™ mini starter pack, 2 x 120ml Pure Sanitisation solution)

Pure is a Revolutionary 100% NATURAL Sanitising Fog that kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Pathogens and Viruses in seconds. This water provides a base for this product to be highly effective as a cleanser and its only other ingredient, a NATURAL ACID (Hypochlorous Acid) which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, provides its anti-bacterial properties. Pure is an ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ and is arguably one of the safest sanitisation methods on the market today.

A package containing all the necessary items to get started with portable fogging. The most effective way to sanitise. 

Change the way you do things with our FogPod™ Mini.

The easily storable handheld device can be used with a number of our FogPod™ range products and can be applied to either skin, hair, numerous items or small areas in less than a minute. 30ml tank Capacity.

Product contents:

FogPod Mini™ Device
30ml FogPod™ Sanitisation Solution
2 x 120ml PURE solution
USB Charging Cable
FogPod™ Manual